Strengthen your parental control offers by integrating our database of categorized content

Base de données d'URLs pour le control parental
Children and young people from 6 to 16 spend an average of 14 hours a week* online. And 60% of those aged 6-12 go online without any adult supervision. (*source: French Telecoms Federation, 2017). 60% of children between 10 and 11 years old have accessed pornographic content at least once. To combat this flood we need to educate and sensitize our children and young people. This requires effective technical solutions with high-quality filtering that will prevent inappropriate content from getting through.
Parental control means ensuring very strict detection of inappropriate and dangerous content. In many countries, this may be a legal requirement. Quatily responds extremely well to these needs thanks to the quality and comprehensive nature of its database. Our very finely segmented classification allows us to identify more than 20 categories of content that is not suitable for children from more than 100 available. You can rely totally on Quatily’s expertise and know-how.
Quatily’s categorized URL databases are used to provide parental control functions on all types of platform: 
  • Operator hardware for core network filtering
  • Operator hardware installed in the home
  • Software installed on all types of end-user device, including smart phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs

Our clients speak to you about our categorized URL databases

Evistel, a leading supply of solutions for ISPs, has integrated the Quatily URL database from Olfeo in order to provide telecommunications providers with parental control services. The Quatily database was an obvious choice for us, because of its reliability and the number of sensitive websites it contains. It is an important asset in helping to protect young people from unwanted content.

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Omar Lassel, Commercial Director