The strengths of our analysis of websites and SaaS applications to increase the value of your solutions

1) The quality of our classification system means that our categorization is reliable

All of the content categorized in our URL and website database undergoes a dual analysis: an automated process that is verified by humans. Our systematic manual analysis of each item of content that has been classified, carried out by a Quatily expert, is a guarantee for quality. The reliability of our classification exceeds 99%.

The systematic humain verification of each item of content is assisted by the use of a high-quality pre-classification tool. Powerful algorithms analyze web pages, interacting with our keywords database that is improved by expert linguists in order to produce extremely high-quality pre-classification results.

To obtain a final classification that is second to none, our human experts follow a proven methodology that is shared among the whole team to ensure a recognition rate during browsing of more than 99%.

Quatily : nos atouts pour l'analyse de sites web et la classification des URLs

2) Your customers’ data is leveraged by integrating our non-intrusive databases (no customer data is uploaded to us).

You do not need to install any third-party software to integrate the Quatily databases. You stay in control of the transfer of data with your customers. You maintain total autonomy in how you use our Quatily databases and they are extremely easy to integrate.

The fundamental advantage of this integration method is that there is no risk of software or hardware malfunction from incorporating our Quatily databases. In addition, we have chosen a database format and structure that makes it easy to update at regular intervals.

3) Dedicated expert support for every client ensures that their projects succeed.

We invest in the success of our clients’ projects. We will schedule regular catch-ups with you to ensure that your front and back-office projects are successful.