Safety your brands by rapidly identifying counterfeit websites through our database

Base de donnes d'URLs pour la protection des marques
All manufacturing industries fall victim to counterfeiting and forgery. The internet has become the world’s second largest distribution channel for counterfeit goods. It is important to identify the sites concerned as urgently as possible.

After all, there are multiple risks to business. In some cases it is a case of preventing the good name of the brand being harmed, while others seek to reduce the loss in sales that comes about when people buy fake goods. And in a very large number of cases, forgeries often result in dangerous or harmful products. This happens in the sale of drugs and medicines online, for example, which is a massive risk for public health.


For this reason, the Quatily database is regularly updated with details of large numbers of fake websites, to help real businesses and brands in their monitoring against the development of threats.
Identification of a counterfeit operation is based on experience classifying sites going back over 17 years. It allows us to provide brands with first-level detection and classification of websites presumed to be involved in forgery.
Our internal tools use a machine learning algorithm that picks out websites that may be operating fraudulently. However, technology on its own is still a blunt tool. To produce more accurate results Quatily’s team of expert analysts systematically verify and confirm the final classification and category of every website.
This high quality expertise is behind Quatily’s service to combat counterfeiting, which is built on a combination of this human analysis capability and our powerful internal tools.

The Quatily database of URLs and websites has a specific category for fake websites involved in counterfeiting and forgery. Our team maintains a constant watch on the web to detect any newcomers to this illicit and illegal activity.
The power of our tools combined with human expertise developed over many years helps us to:
• Detect pages of counterfeit goods hidden within legitimate websites
• Identify sites that sell fake goods, which often have all the characteristics of a real e-commerce website

Our expertise enables us to provide specific monitoring for your brands.