Make sure the advertiser is eligible before distributing it through your real-time bidding platform

Base de données d'URLs pour les enchères publicitaires en temps-réel

Real-time bidding (RTB) relies on a publisher making ad space available to whichever of the “eligible” advertisers makes the highest offer.

The eligibility of an advertiser is determined by the content of its offer, which must be a match for the editorial line of the publisher.

If the advertiser is eligible, it can participate in real-time bidding through a Demand Side Platform (DSP) in order to submit its advertising.

With its highly granular and extremely precise categorization of websites, Quatily offers SSP (Supply Side Platform) participants the opportunity to immediately identify the advertiser’s category to verify its eligibility for real-time bidding.

This identification, coupled with the excellent quality of the Quatily categorization, also allows advertisers whose sites represent a threat (counterfeiting, malware security risks, etc.) to be excluded.

Quatily’s offer for those involved in online advertising is built around two services:

  • The ability to query our URL database to obtain in real time the categorization of a candidate for RTB.

  • “Outsourced” classification of a list of unknown domains, reserving the time of a specialized classification expert to identify categories of future advertisers

The quality of these two services is based on the combination of two essential factors that form the basis for Quatily’s offer:

  • Quality of the classification of the URL database, all sites in which are verified by an expert in classification, ensuring the database error rate is practically 0%

  • Recognition rate for web browsing that exceeds 99%

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